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Our community is assisted by several volunteer committees that coordinate various activities and events. 

‚ÄčThe Yard of the Month contest has begun and will continue through September. Four homes (one in each section) will be chosen every month and will be awarded with a Yard of the Month sign that will be placed in their front lawn all month, along with a $25.00 Home Depot gift card.

The winning homes will be judged by the overall appearance, tidiness and neatness of the home and front lawn.  Please note your HOA assessments need to be paid in full in order to participate and be a  winner of the Yard of the Month contest. 

Barrington Place HOA encourages all residents to take pride in their homes and neighborhood and maintain their yards in such a way that they enhance the overall curb appeal of the entire community. 

A slideshow of the Yard of the Month Winners will be available to view- CLICK HERE 

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We'll keep you posted of news and updates so that you're informed of happenings in our community and city. 

Stay in the know of events and happenings in Barrington Place. There's a lot of upcoming activities, so stay tuned!