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The monthly H.O.A. meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. with the following exceptions: May-the Annual meeting which is held on the 3rd Thursday; October-in conjunction with National Night Out; All meetings are conducted at the clubhouse, 13318 Rosstown Drive.

  • January 20, 2015 Agenda


    The Barrington Place 2015 assessment amount is $563.00 . However, if you are current with your HOA on all prior assessments and expenses, you are eligible for a $243.00 discount if you make payment in full by January 31, 2015. In short, if you are eligible for the discount and take advantage of the discount, you will only have to pay $320.00. This is quite a large saving and many of our homeowners took advantage of the discount last year.

    Any assessments unpaid on February 1, 2015, will be considered late; will not be eligible for the discounted rate and will be assessed interest in the amount of 10% per annum, effective January 1, 2015, until paid in full. A letter will be mailed after February 15, 2015, to all homeowners with past due balances. A certified demand letter, with a $20 collection fee added to the account, will be sent after March 15, 2015. All past due accounts will be turned over to the HOA’s attorney for collection after April 15, 2015.

    As you can see, paying in a timely manner results in a significant savings to our homeowners and time is quickly running our for you to reap these savings!

    If you have questions or need more information, please call MASC Austin Properties, Inc., at 713-776-1771.


    Each holiday season brings more challenges for our judges trying to select decorating contest winners. This year was certainly no exception!

    After much consideration, the following residences were selected:

  • 13118 Nantucket
  • 2118 Barrington Place Drive
  • 13002 Careywood
  • 13106 Newberry
  • 12706 Fenimore Court

    Congratulations to you all, as well as those who were not selected. All of your efforts were greatly appreciated. You made Barrington Place sparkle and shine for another holiday season!

    Now it is time to take all those beautiful decorations down and store them away until we do it all again in 2015. All exterior decorations should be removed by January 31.

    We certainly don’t wish to start the year off with a deed restriction violation notice!


    In accordance with the Deed Restrictions for Barrington Place, the Architectural Control Committee will follow these guidelines for harvesting of rainwater:

    29.0 Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    1. Rainwater Recovery Systems may be installed with advance written approval of the Barrington Place Homeowners’ Association Architectural Control Committee subject to these guidelines.

    2. All such Systems must be installed on land owned by the property owner. No portion of the Systems may encroach on adjacent properties or common areas.

    3. Other than gutters and downspouts conventionally attached to a dwelling or appurtenant structure, all components of the Systems, such as tanks, barrels, filters, pumps, motors, pressure tanks, pipes and hoses, must be substantially screened from public view from any street or common area. Screening may be accomplished by:

    a. placement behind a solid fence, a structure or vegetation; or

    b. by burying the tanks or barrels; or

    c. by placing equipment in an outbuilding otherwise approved by the Barrington Place Homeowners’ Association Architectural Control Committee.

    4. A rain barrel may be placed in a location visible from public view from any street or common area only if the configuration of the guttering system on the structure precludes screening as described above with the following restrictions:

    a. the barrel must not exceed 55 gallons; and the barrel must be installed in close proximity to the structure on a level base with the guttering downspout leading directly to the barrel inlet at a substantially vertical angle; and

    b. the barrel must be fully painted in a single color to blend with the adjacent home or vegetation; and

    c. any hose attached to the barrel discharge must be neatly coiled and stored behind or beside the rain barrel in the least visible position when not in use.

    5. Overflow lines from the Systems must not be directed onto or adversely affect adjacent properties or common areas.

    6. Inlets, ports, vents and other openings must be sealed or protected with mesh to prevent children, animals and debris from entering the barrels, tanks or other storage devices. Open top storage containers are not allowed, however, where space allows and where appropriate, Barrington Place Homeowners’ Association Architectural Control Committee approved ponds may be used for water storage.

    7. Harvested water must be used and not allowed to become stagnant or a threat to health.

    8. All Systems must be maintained in good repair. Unused Systems should be drained and disconnected from the gutters. Any unused Systems in public view must be removed from public view from any street or common area.



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